Affordable and flexible pricing options

For the cost of a few lattes a year, you can enhance the professional image of your association, and your members can enjoy being part of a more connected group.

Treehouse subscription starts at just US$15 per person per year.

We offer volume discounts and flexible payment options for all types of organizations.

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Group Payment Plan

Your group will pay US $15 per member per year on behalf of its members.

This payment plan is ideal if your group already charges a membership fee, and where the group is able to pay via bank transfer. Volume discounts are available for large associations (500+ members). Just ask us for a quote.

Individual Payment Plan

Your members will pay US $15 per year for their own subscription.

This payment plan is ideal for groups who do not charge their members a membership fee, and where members can pay via PayPal using a credit card. This leaves it up to individuals if they want to participate or not.

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Trial Treehouse for free for 30 days to make sure it meets the needs of your association. No credit cards required. No obligation to continue with us after the trial.

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