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A beautifully simple solution for engaging with your colleagues.

Promote better engagement for your association

Treehouse is built for professional associations. It provides your members with the tools they need to interact, share ideas, plan events, and develop their careers. Increased engagement makes for a stronger and more dynamic group, leading to higher member satisfaction and retention.

Treehouse is easy to understand, completely private, and a pleasure to use.

Best of all, Treehouse costs just US $15 per member per year.

Private and secure

We understand that professional associations value privacy. With Treehouse, we've made sure that your members can interact in complete privacy. We use SSL encryption, and information on Treehouse cannot be shared with other social networks.

Accessible on any device

Treehouse is fully responsive, meaning that it will work on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Your members will be able to interact with each other no matter where they are. Increased engagement means increased member satisfaction.

Made to engage

All of the features in Treehouse have been developed with engagement in mind. After all, that's the reason you've joined an association - to engage with your peers. Treehouse makes it easy to join in discussions, get feedback on ideas, and share information.

Looking to improve communication in your group?

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